Rodney Lawrence Petersen

Rodney Lawrence Petersen is Executive Director, Boston Theological Institute (BTI) and Adjunct Professor in Comparative Christianity (Church History) in the schools of the BTI. Prior to BTI, Dr. Petersen was professor in the Departments of Humanities and Management and Human Resource Development, Webster University-in-Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.
He is the author of a book on interpreting the book of Revelation, "Preaching in the Last Days: The Theme of 'Two Witnesses' in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries" (Oxford University Press, 1993). He is editor and contributor to several Christian scholarly publications and books including "Christianity and a Civil Society: Theological Education for Public Life" (Orbis Books, 1995) and the forthcoming "Creation as Beloved of God: Discerning the Creator's Love and Our Need to Care for Creation." (Humanities Press, 1996).

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