Milk Negotiation

Excerpt from conversation between David Koresh, and Sheriff Jack Harwell discussing getting milk for the children.
March 8, 1993

SHERIFF JACK HARWELL : David about those babies on this milk--

DAVID KORESH: But those are our children.

SHERIFF HARWELL: --that concerns me. Why have--I'm, I'm concerned about those babies. I want those babies taken care of. Now, if you need some milk--

DAVID KORESH: Do you know what they're saying now?

SHERIFF HARWELL: --out there I'll see what I can do about getting that milk out there to you because I want those babies taken care of.

DAVID KORESH: Well, here's the thing, Mr. Harwell. What they're saying now is after we've already sent three more kids out, then they're telling us that they want four more kids before they send us the milk.

SHERIFF HARWELL: Well, would that help to, to get the milk out there to you? Would that--

DAVID KORESH: It'll definitely help the babies.

SHERIFF HARWELL: All right. All right. That's good. Would it help us--

DAVID KORESH: And I told them I would send some pictures of the remaining children and the mothers.

SHERIFF HARWELL: If I get that out there to you would that help your, your knowing that I'll do what I tell you? I've, I've not talked to these people here but I will see that that's there, I'll see that it's delivered to you, and--

DAVID KORESH: Well, yeah, I mean we--like we told them, in the position we're in I've been talking to all the guys and stuff here, I said, look, in our profession of faith we know what we believe and we believe what we know. I says now it's between God and them. Now, God's told me to wait, you know, and I'm waiting, I says, but, you know, we have to realize that whatever comes to us after this point is all in the hands of God and there's not a --


DAVID KORESH: --nation or power that's going to overrule what God wants.

SHERIFF HARWELL: Well, if I get-- how much milk do you need, David?

DAVID KORESH: Well, we, we told them, we told them we needed six gallons because I have--

SHERIFF HARWELL: All right. If I get you six -- I'm, I'm going to see that you get --

DAVID KORESH: -- I have --

SHERIFF HARWELL: -- six gallons of milk brought out, but I'm not going to let those babies suffer because of --

DAVID KORESH: There's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen -- there are sixteen kids here that still drink milk.

SHERIFF HARWELL: Well, do you think six gallons is enough?

DAVID KORESH: Well, yeah, I mean, we, we figure --

SHERIFF HARWELL: All right. I'll, I'll see that you get the six gallons of milk. If -- I'll need to get them and work that out. Now, I'm not going to be able to sit here with you David and work all the terms. What I wanted to do to you -- I say with you is to sit here and talk from my heart to you and let you know that we --

DAVID KORESH: Well, I appreciate it and we love you all.

SHERIFF HARWELL: -- we're concerned about you all and we, we care for you. We love you and those babies I just -- it just makes my heart swell up to see those kids come out and how well they've been taken care of and, and all this.

DAVID KORESH: And, and --

SHERIFF HARWELL: And they're being taken care of now. Now, I can't answer -- I wasn't involved in how they were going to be -- I know they're in good care now but I wasn't involved and wasn't aware that --


SHERIFF HARWELL: -- they were supposed to be turned over to parents and grandparents or what that process was. I've been involved in other things, David, trying to keep --

DAVID KORESH: Yeah, I understand.

SHERIFF HARWELL: -- some level head about all this so that we can resolve this thing. You don't know how deeply I mean it when I say I want you all out without your being hurt.

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