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"What the scale tells you is how much the earth..."

Rhina Espaillat

Weighing In

"Weighing In" comes from Where Horizons Go, a collection of poems by Rhina Espaillat, which won the T. S. Eliot prize in 1998. Espaillat was born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, and moved to the United States in 1939. She writes primarily in English, though her Spanish translations of Robert Frost won her the first Tree at My Window Award from the Robert Frost Foundation in 2004. She lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where she has been instrumental in the growth of a rich local literary scene. In response to a question about rhythm and meter Espaillat said "Poetry is a kind of singing, but often about something that doesn't justify singing: that's the tension I hear, and the source of what's moving in a good poem, or much of it, anyway: the fact that under the singing there is something else, barely controlled, with difficulty, but finally controlled." This animation was created by Christopher Dudley Thorpe. The poem is read here by Rhina Espaillat.

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