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Blithewold Mansion & Gardens Thumbnail Blithewold Mansion & Gardens
Michael Weishan took a guided tour of one the most elegant and varied of Rhode Island's many magnificent garden estates
Arboretum Thumbnail Boston's Arnold Arboretum
One of the country's lushest and most varied collections of lilacs
ISG Museum Thumbnail Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
The courtyard of Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a serene and beautiful paradise hidden away in the heart of the bustling city
ISG Museum Thumbnail Cairn Croft Sculpture Garden
Harmonious and amusing, Cairn Croft Sculpture Garden in Dover, Massachusetts, is a marriage of garden and art
The Garden in the Woods Thumbnail The Garden in the Woods at New England Wild Flower Society
Michael Weishan joined Bill Cullina, nursery manager and chief propagator at the New England Wild Flower Society, for a wet yet enlightening tour of the Society's "Garden in the Woods."
The Mount Thumbnail The Mount
Michael Weishan joined Stephanie Copeland, president of the Edith Wharton Restoration, for a tour of the stunning formal gardens at the estate of the pioneering American novelist.
New Orleans' Beauregard-Keyes House & Gardens Thumbnail New Orleans' Beauregard-Keyes House & Gardens
The parterre garden of the Beauregard-Keyes House in New Orleans' famed French Quarter is a symphony of formal simplicity
Québec's Les Jardins de Métis Thumbnail Québec's Les Jardins de Métis
Québec's Les Jardins de Métis combine the unusual with the sublime
The Tenshin-En Thumbnail The Tenshin-En at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts
Garden correspondent Lee May took a tour of the MFA's Tenshin-En, a garden of refreshing serenity, and a living work of art
towerhill Gardens Thumbnail Tasting the Past
Tower Hill's Antique Apple Orchard features 119 pre-20th-century apple varieties
Butchart Gardens Thumbnail Vancouver Island's Butchart Gardens
A jewel of Vancouver Island, the Butchart Gardens are 55 acres of must-see horticultural history and drama
Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden Thumbnail Vancouver's Classical Chinese Garden
At the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, a plaque reads "Yi Yuan," or "Garden of Ease." Here you enter a harmonious world filled with the delights of nature
Perennial Border Birth of a Perennial Border
Head gardener Kip Anderson reflects on the poetic process of beginning the Victory Garden's new perennial border
Cutting Garden Thumbnail Designing a Cutting Garden
A bountiful new cutting garden was first on our wish list for the Victory Garden, and expert Margaret Hensel was on hand to help us — and you — design one
Sketches Thumbnail Garden Sketches Look here for color illustrations of all our Victory Garden renovations — updated regularly with new plans and after-sketches of our vegetable garden, cutting garden, roof-top garden and more
Intro Thumbnail Perennial Border
Interactive sketches of the Victory Garden's big new perennial border!
Roofdeck Thumbnail Perennial Splendor
Find out how the Victory Garden's chief tender engendered splendor in our big new perennial border
Roofdeck Thumbnail Rooftop Oasis
On one little rooftop in Boston, The Victory Garden has been hard at work transforming a windy deck into an elegant urban garden
Suburban Makeover, Part 1 Thumbnail Suburban Makeover, Part 1
Michael Weishan is redesigning a rundown front yard in suburban Boston — first pruning back, digging up, cutting down — so that a new space can emerge, integrating house with landscape in a way both more beautiful and more friendly
Suburban Makeover, Part 2 Thumbnail Suburban Makeover, Part 2
Following some heavy pruning, tree felling and shrub digging, Michael Weishan and crew progressed through the punch list of improvements at the Victory Garden's suburban landscape project south of Boston
Published August 31, 2007