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Proven Winners

Find helpful information on all kinds of plant and vegetable choices for your garden.

Vegetables Thumbnail Award-winning Vegetables
Six celebrated award-winners perfect for your own veggie garden
Clematis Thumbnail Clematis
Best bets for growing clematis in your garden
Groundcover Thumbnail Ground Covers for Shade
Best bets for ground covers to brighten up any shady area
Hedges Thumbnail Hedges
Best bets to suit a variety of hedging needs
Herbs Thumbnail Herbs
Great choices for mind, body and kitchen
Grass Thumbnail Leaves of Grass
Seeing green: An overview of cool-season grass varieties for your ownlush lawn
Perennials Thumbnail Perennials
It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge choice of perennials. These best bets illustrate the important things toconsider next time you're at the nursery
Plants for Water Gardens Thumbnail Plants for Water Gardens
Best bets for creating your own container water garden
Wet Plants Thumbnail Plants for Wet Locations
Great choices for soggy soil
Raspberries Thumbnail Raspberries
Three great choices for planting your own
Rhododendrons Rhododendrons
Five great rhododendron choices for your garden
Roses Thumbnail Roses
Six sweet-smelling selections
Roses Thumbnail Roses for Northern Climates
Seven roses that work best in Northern climates
Seaside Plants Thumbnail Seaside Plants
Six sure things for the seashore!
Small Shrubs Thumbnail Shrubs That Keep a Low Profile
Best bets for small shrubs that won't outgrow their welcome
Flowering Shrubs Thumbnail Spring-Flowering Shrubs and Trees for the South
Six great choices for spring-flowering trees and shrubs to grow in the South
Gooseberries Thumbnail Summer Fruits
How about planting a summer fruit bush inyour garden — there's no beating gooseberry pie!
Summer Shrubs Thumbnail Summer Shrubs
Four best betsfor beautiful summer shrubs
Tropical Plants Thumbnail Tropical Plants
Seven tropical plants that can be grown in almost any part of the country
Waterfront Plants Thumbnail Waterfront Plants
Four best bets for planting in a waterfront area

Updated August 25, 2008