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For The Victory Garden on

Meredith Nierman - Executive Producer
Anna Fort - Producer
Li Wei - Lead Designer
Karen Doyle - Designer
Tacita Morway - Lead Developer
Bharat Battu - Developer
Catherine Maldonado - Associate Developer
Amy Stahl - Unit Manager

For The Victory Garden Series

Chef Daniel Klein
Mirra Fine

Photography Directors
Tim Grant
Ben Hunter
Jeremy Seifert
Daniel Klein
Chris Burke (Diving footage)

Hunter Johnson
Evan Beaumont
Daniel Klein

Stop Motion Graphics
Mirra Fine

Perennial Plate Logo Animation
Squawk Productions

"Baby Blue" theme song performed by Busman's Holiday
Courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings

Special thanks to
Carole Topalian,Tracey Ryder, Edible Charlotte, Edible San Diego, Edible Boston, Edible New Orleans, Edible Omaha, Edible Vancouver, Edible Palm Beach, Edible Manhattan, Edible San Francisco, Clare Leschin Hoar, Alicia Tatley, Liz Bodet, Burt Tietje, Tim Klein, Squawk Productions, Kate Goldwater, Keelan Pacot, Lilly Rachles, Devin Homme, Mandela Marketplace, Naomi Starkman
Edible Feast segments produced and edited by Daniel Klein
Mirra Fine

Edible Feast Music Supervisor Peter Borenstein

Theme Music Bill Howe
Lonnie Wilson

Produced by
WGBH Educational Foundation
Edible Media

Laurie Donnelly - Executive Producer
Anne Adams - Senior Series Producer
Adrienne Rahn - Production Assistant
Bara Levin - Station Relations
Jeffrey Elias - Station Relations
Dave Allen - Finishing Editor

For White Horse Studios
Elaine Richter: Production Manager
Bill Howe: Executive Producer/ Editor

Past Online Contributors

Executive Producers: Howard Cutler, Gurmeet Sandhu Keaveny
Producers: Keren Shomer
Managing Editors: Luke Crafton
Associate Producers: Marisa Nopakun
Production Coordinators: Anika Bachhuber
Designers: Anthony Cerasuolo, Amanda Clarke, Louis Friedman, Tyler Howe, Mayo Todorovic, AnneMary Wood-Mann
Developers: Daniel Bulli, Jamie Folsom, Molly Frey, Jeff Maziarz, Stephani Roberts, Mitch Smith, Jon Whitney
Photographers: Mark Hornbuckle, Jason Kahn
Contributing Writers: Kip Anderson
Office Coordinators: Judith Rosenbaum

Updated March 12, 2014