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Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro
  • What Is Juneteenth?
    What is Juneteenth and why are 42 states and the District of Columbia celebrating it this year?
  • ’12 Years a Slave’: Trek From Slave to Screen
    As a literary scholar and cultural historian who has spent a lifetime searching out African Americans' lost, forgotten and otherwise unheralded tales, I was honored to serve as a historical consultant on Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave," most certainly one of the most vivid and authentic portrayals of slavery ever captured in a feature film.
  • The Black Governor Who Was Almost a Senator
    Why didn't more than one black person serve in the Senate during the Reconstruction era -- a condition that persisted until this year?
  • What Was America’s First Black Town?
    Spanish Florida was the African-American slaves’ first Promised Land.
  • What Was the Second Middle Passage?
    The growth of the cotton economy and the internal slave trade in America forced families to separate and migrate once again.
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