• Joel A. Rogers

    Discover History: 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro

    Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. writes about the most surprising and impressive moments in African-American history. Originally published on The Root, we share more than 50 brilliant blog entries here.

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Poster

    Share History: African American Quotation Posters

    This collection of original posters created for The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS series features quotations by famous African Americans, including leaders, intellectuals and cultural figures such as W.E.B. DuBois, Zora Neale Hurston, Jackie Robinson, Malcolm X, President Barack Obama, and more. All the posters can be downloaded, printed and shared. Go Now

  • The African American Migration Story

    Explore History: The African-American Migration Story

    From the transatlantic slave trade to today's New Great Migration, learn about the major African-American migrations and how those movements changed the course of American history. Go Now

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