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What Next After Newtown: What Our Country And Communities Can Do

Original Broadcast: 12/22/12 — From WNET-Thirteen in New York, a Public Television special event continuing the coverage of the Newtown shootings: looking for long-term solutions and answers to the tragedy. Jeff Greenfield, Maria Hinojosa, Susie Gharib and Scott Simon host.

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The Mind of a Shooter
An in-depth look at teen mental health and the mind of a troubled shooter.
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Public Policy and Mental Health
Public policy and mental health care. What’s being done and what’s not?
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Talking with Kids
What we say and how we say it: talking to children and finding a path to healing after the Newtown shooting tragedy.
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Violence in the Media
Is there a consensus about violent media and violent behavior? How should parents respond to what their children see? An in-depth analysis on the culture of violence in the media.
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School Security and Teacher Training
Can schools be protected? Should they have armed guards? National experts discuss school security and teacher training in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.
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An in-depth look at the nation’s gun policies and the accessibility of weapons. Why gun owners say gun control is not an answer and a conversation with political leaders who say the Newtown shooting may be a tipping point in the argument over the Second Amendment.
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