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A timeline of some of the most emotionally charged social media moments in the American gun control debate during the last six months.

BLOG: Most Innovative (and Controversial) Data Journalism Coverage of Gun Violence

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So far in the first two months of this year, gun deaths in Chicago have already outpaced last year’s explosive rate. Elizabeth Brackett of PBS member station WTTW explores the escalating public health crisis in Chicago due to the high rates of gun violence.

INFOGRAPHIC: Americans Support Range of Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence

BLOG: What Democrats and the NRA May Have in Common over Gun Policy

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As the nation struggles to pinpoint what might help prevent violence in the wake of the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a program being piloted at a school in rural Ohio may have one solution. The theory: short bursts of therapeutic exercise — even if practiced in a standard health class — can drastically improve an adolescent’s chances of dealing with stress in environments as diverse as inner-city Los Angeles and rural Kentucky.

VIDEO: Student Voices Chime in on Preventing School Shootings

BLOG: President’s Campaign Arm Making Gun Control Push

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In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn., the Journal News in Westchester County, New York, made freedom of information requests for pistol permit holders in its home county and neighboring Rockland County. The paper published the permit information, including the names and addresses of the permit holders, in an interactive map Dec. 22.

The data covered all permit types – residential, business, target and hunting among them – but for pistols only. Because New York does not require permits for rifles and shotguns, those weapons were not included.

The interactive functionality allowed users to view specific names and addresses of permit holders, pinpointed on a scalable map.

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The lasting impact the shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, has had on the political debate over guns has also brought heightened attention to the specific language employed by both sides. PBS NewsHour examines the different rhetorical strategies and their evolution.

FRONTLINE: Who Was Adam Lanza? Live Chat Replay

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Jeffrey Brown explores whether there is any connection between violent video games and violent behavior.

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BLOG: Public Opinion May Support Expanded Gun Sale Background Checks

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As news of the shooting in Newtown filtered into schools and homes, children and teenagers absorbed the tragedy in very different and personal ways. PBS NewsHour asked the 45 schools in its network of Student Reporting Labs to record interviews with young people about how they first heard about the shooting, their initial reactions and what kinds of conversations they’ve had since.

VIDEO: Hari Sreenivasan reports on media and social media in the wake of Newtown

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The tone and the message that came from the White House in the immediate aftermath of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary was understated but clear: now is not the time to talk politics. That time will come later. However, that time may be here now, as policy and politics have begun to make their way into the conversation. Need to Know’s Jeff Greenfield notes that politicizing tragic events may actually be a good thing.

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