1920’s Coal Miners strike

Bill Williamson recalls the 1920’s Coal Miners strike in Logan, West Virginia

AIRED: 5/23/2017 | 00:01:05
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Back in 1921, miners started marching, and they was trying to get unions formed. The coal companies didn't want the union to come in, because if they did, that'd mean that the coal miners would get better pay and everything. Well, the sheriff back at the time, he had an army of deputies to meet them at the top of Blair Mountain. They had guns all over the place, you know. Of course, the coal miners - they were armed, too. But they were outnumbered by five or ten to one. And several people were killed and it's believed that some people's remains might still be laying on the mountain up there.

The Mine Wars, and the hellish working conditions, inspired the Logan musicians to find a way out - through music.

Back then Dick Justice and Frank Hutchison, they were very good, and they all knew each other, they, they played music together many-a-times.

Stack o' Lee, Oh Stack o' Lee Please don't take my life. I got three little children and a weepin' lovin' wife You're a bad man, Stack o' Lee...