Charlie Musselwhite

Musician Charlie Musselwhite remembers Memphis in the past

AIRED: 5/16/2017 | 00:01:03
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My name is Charlie Musselwhite. I'm sitting in a building, it's on Beale Street, that once was a, a club called the Monarch, a famous club. Robert Wilkins once recorded a tune called 'Old Jim Canaan's' about where he used to play right in this spot.

I wished I was back at Old Jim Kinnane's I'd take my babe back to Old Jim Kinnane's The men and women runnin' hand in hand Goin' to and fro to Old Jim Kinnane's Drinkin' beer whiskey and sniffin' cocaine.

Asking why I wished I was back at Old Jim Kinnane's... I understand this was - well, it's the last building I think on Beale Street that was one of the old clubs and uh, I can feel it in here, uh, the good times and the rough times and the wild times, and all that music...(sniffs)...hmm, I just got a lungful of it. Uh, it's interesting that today it's a police station.