John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt

AIRED: 5/30/2017 | 00:01:36
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'Louis Collins' was about something that happened real close to him. Louis Collins got into a fight with somebody and got shot, and instead of taking it from the bar-fight scene, which is in the song, he talks from, from Louis Collins' mother and, you know: 'Mrs. Collins weeped, Mrs. Collins moaned, moaning for Louis Collins is dead and gone. The angels laid him away.' You know.

The gentleness really came through in him.

Record Collector Ken Swerilas shot footage of John Hurt playing 'Louis Collins' in a small club in Los Angeles.

It's the only known color footage of Hurt performing.

Mrs. Collins weeped, Mrs. Collins moaned, To see her son Louis leavin' home The angels laid him away Oh the angels laid him away, They laid him six feet under the clay The angels laid him away