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Disney Ice

(now known as Anaheim Ice)
Location: Anaheim, California
Date: 1995

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Michael Eisner, former CEO, Walt Disney Company: ” I was looking for the next generation of American architects… and he was on the list of architects who were pushing the envelope. We bought a hockey team. We needed a practice rink. He designed for us the hockey rink in downtown Anaheim.

It is a piece of sculpture sitting in this town. And I think that and Bilbao and a couple of other things are his best work. The inside is reminiscent of those hockey rinks that Frank grew up with in Canada; all wood, all trusses, it looks very traditional… like you could be nostalgic for being in Toronto in 1940-something…

You give Frank the functionality… you make sure that in the hockey rink you have the workout room and the locker rooms, and all that stuff. And you’re on Frank that way. And then he delivers the picture.”