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Maggie’s Centre

Location: Dundee, Scotland
Date: 2002

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Charles Jencks, Architect, Writer: “Having worked with Maggie he understood the idea of the center, which is to be an informal space for cancer patients.

He took on this commission at his own cost, because he was a great friend of Maggie’s, you know, eh, we’re not paying him a penny. And out of love for Maggie, I think he really is committed to a notion of an architecture that relates to healing.

Informality, non-institutionality and a certain amount of humor and places for reflection are very important. It’s a very nice place to get up and look out over the landscape. That’s terribly important for the cancer sufferers, to see their illness in a context which is bigger than themselves.”

Frank Gehry: “That was the original design for Maggie’s Place up there, that little model. I had these nightmares, that Maggie was talking to me, and that that was too much architecture and she wanted me to tone it down. And I threw out the thing and started over again.”