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Abused Baby Pangolin Gets a New Home


Meet Honey Bun, a baby pangolin who was rescued from abuse by conservationist Maria Diekmann. Young pangolins need round-the-clock attention, so Honey Bun now lives with Maria in her home.

[Maria Diekmann] The arrival of Honey Bun was probably one of the saddest arrivals ever.

The mother was seriously abused. She had been kicked around.

It was obviously on a cement floor because you could see streaks of the paint on her scales.

Honey Bun had no damage whatsoever.

So what had probably happened is the mother had rolled around Honey Bun to protect her.

[Narrator] But the mother was so traumatized by her mistreatment that she escaped as soon as she could.

Leaving Maria to raise the newly named 'Honey Bun' in a unique living situation... ...sharing her home with a troublesome toddler.

[playful music] [Maria Diekmann] Honey Bun, there's nothing for you in there.

[Maria Diekmann] When one little baby pangolin comes in, you're talking about years and years and years of complete commitment.

[Narrator] Young pangolins require round-the-clock attention.


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