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Baby Pangolin and Her Best Friend


At the Rare & Endangered Species Trust (REST) in Namibia, a man named Steven takes rescued baby pangolin Honey Bun out for walks every single day.

Narrator] With help from charitable donations, Maria is building a rehab center just for pangolins.

[Maria Diekmann] We now have a permanent home, it's about 300 hectares so we've got enough room for our animals to move around in.

[Maria Diekmann] The center has to become one of the leading centers for pangolins, not for our reputation, but simply because there's pangolins that need care in this country.

[Narrator] Fortunately, one recent arrival is already making a big difference.

[Maria Diekmann] Steven is this amazing young man who walked into our lives out of the blue.

We moved to this new area and he saw our vehicle, and he approached one of my students and basically said, 'I want to work for these people.'

[Maria Diekmann] And he's been here for about 6 months and you would have thought he's been here for 20 years.

[Maria Diekmann] Honey Bun adores Steven and he adores her.

[Steven] I feel like it's not a job it's something God wanted me to do.

[Narrator] Now, Steven has the responsibility of walking Honey Bun every day.

[playful music] Where she goes, he must follow - not easy in the dense bush.

[playful music] And it's clear who's really in charge.

[Steven]: She's the boss.


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