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Alpha Gorilla is Dad of the Year


Silverback mountain gorillas have a fearsome reputation with aggression that helps maintain family order. However, not everyone shows this gorilla troop leader the respect he deserves.

- [Narrator] This male has been very successful.

He's ruled his group of 14 for six years.

He's in the prime of his life.

But not everybody shows him the respect he deserves.

(grunting) (banging) (leaves rustling) (grunting) (growling) There really is no escape.

(grunting) He's a climbing frame.

A drum. (banging) A trampoline.

He's a jungle gym.

(leaves rustling) But his tolerance could be a deliberate tactic.

The latest research shows that for an alpha male, there's more to success than just aggressive displays of power.

He's strong.

But also gentle.

(grunting) Attentive.

Even playful.

The females seem to find his softer side irresistible.