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(upbeat music) - Are we putting the wings in the right place?

I'm an Ana Raquel Thomas, and I teach 4th grade.

But today, I'm a citizen scientist.

When we tried to do the bee collection, what happened?

And my students are too.

- Bees are awesome!

They pollinate our crops, rise to the top, the killing needs to stop.

(♪ Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov ♪) - The Great Sunflower Project is where you look at your habitat around you, and you see if it's healthy for bees.

- One.

- The kids today did what we call an area count where they can look at a flower, and they collect data on the visitors to that flower, the pollinators.

- I see it, I see one.

- Citizen science makes you become someone who looks at the world as if you're part of this huge, important ecosystem.

We counted bees outside, and we need to do something with those numbers.

'Cause these kids are gonna help us deal with the problems that humans are creating.

- I learned that there is a lot more to bees than for the first glance.

- They are very complicated creatures.

- Some bees are called specialists that do only one flower, but I thought that was super interesting.

- [Male Teacher] Kids, now it's time for our bee celebration dance.

(kids cheering) - The magic here is the information that we learn in the classroom goes to the parents, it goes to the broader community.

And I really think that's actually how we're gonna change the world.

(upbeat music)


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