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Mom Saves Pups on Wolf Trail Cam


In this clip from American Spring LIVE, a trail cam captures a mother wolf taking her pups out of their den after the snowmelt caused a flood inside.


Oh wow, that is super cool.

I bet that's the breeding female.

Yeah, she looks - She's big.

That's a big belly there.

She's just like scoping it out.

That's definitely the female, she's got a huge belly.

Oh, there she goes in on the 11th.

She does go into the den.


Another one on the fourteenth coming out of the den.

I mean there are so many wolf videos here.


Hold on, yeah.


Yeah - that's the eighteenth.

Look at her shake.

Yeah, she just shook off.

(Squeal.) There's a pup!

We're moving pups!

Oh, wow.

They were here!

Look at that.

That's a little pup; those things are tiny.

So tiny.

It was an active den, so there were pups here.

Oh, she comes back.

Start counting, that was one.

Yep, yep.


It appears that the den was just full of water and so the pups were soaked, probably getting hypothermic or something like that so the female had to get them out right away.

And so that's what we see on the video footage here.

Yeah, these are all about two minutes apart.

(Squealing.) Four.

Listen to them.

Yeah, they're really upset.

The spring thaw must have just melted and filled the den.


That is absolutely amazing.

That's awesome.

Their still coming... six.

Very urgent.


That last one, seven of them.

She's done.

That is so cool.

I can't believe we got that.


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