Clip | Animal Reunions - Bedtime at the Elephant Orphanage

At Nairobi’s David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage,  caretakers sleep beside the residents to keep them company.  The caretakers spend each night with a different orphaned elephant, to prevent them from becoming too attached.
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THOMAS: Back in Nairobi, it's bedtime at the nursery.

The keepers sleep in with the orphans, spending each night with a different elephant, to prevent the orphans from becoming too attached.

For Edwin and the keepers, it's one long process of letting go.

LUSICHI: When the elephants graduate from the nursery and they go to be reintroduced back into the wild, yes, I miss them, but I feel a lot and a lot of joy, to see them go back into the wild.

And so that is the happiest moment in my life, despite the missing them.