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Gorilla Reunited with an Old Friend


Damian Aspinall, a millionaire entrepreneur and conservationist, travels to the African country of Gabon in the hope of reuniting with Kwibi, a ten year-old male gorilla. Kwibi was born in Damian’s wildlife park in rural England, but was released to the wild along with six other young gorillas.


THOMAS: When Damian heard the news, he traveled to Gabon.

ASPINALL: Come on! Come on, then!

Come on!

THOMAS: He hadn't seen Kwibi for five years.

He had no idea if they could find him, and if they did, how Kwibi would respond.

After hours of searching... Kwibi appeared on the riverbank.

ASPINALL: I was apprehensive.

I honestly didn't know how Kwibi was going to react.

THOMAS: In case the situation erupts, a plan is put in place to distract Kwibi with food.

ASPINALL: Throw food if it kicks off.

THOMAS: After 5 years apart, Damian approaches Kwibi, unsure of what might happen next.

[ Kwibi purring ] ASPINALL: [ Speaking indistinctly ] I could hear his love gurgle... ...and I knew that he would be fine with me then.

All his mannerisms and vocalizations was one of someone so happy to see his old friend.

I was saying, 'Lovely to see you, too, my old friend,' letting him know that I was equally joyed to see him as he was me.

I remember sitting there with him, holding him and him holding me, and passing each other leaves.

It was lovely to see that -- that our bond was so strong.

It was all rather beautiful.


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