Clip | Arctic Wolf Pack - Wolf Pack Teams Up to Fight Off Intruder

Appearing out of nowhere, a rogue female wolf tries to kill and eat the pups of a rival pack. Outnumbered and surrounded, the stranger’s assault is pure madness. Will the pack succeed in fighting off this bedraggled intruder?

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(classical music) [Narrator] In the spring sunshine, the pups make another appearance.

(uplifting classical music) Less than two weeks old, and with their eyes barely open, the pups are a reminder of how fragile new life is.

(uplifting classical music) With more than one burrow at the den, Snow White seems unsure of where to put them.

Is she sensing something?

Most of the pack is away with Alpha, on a hunt, so those remaining must be on constant alert.

(suspenseful classical music) Then something strange appears, a bedraggled intruder heading straight for them.

(wolves growling) (suspenseful classical music) Snow White mounts a defense.

(wolves growling) (pups whining) Outnumbered and surrounded, the stranger's assault is pure madness.

Who is she?

(wolves growling) (suspenseful classical music) The attacker turns and makes a dash for the den.

Diving in front, Blackspot gets there first.

She blocks the entrance with her body.

(suspenseful classical music) The attacker tries to squeeze past Blackspot.

They must pull her out, or she will kill the pups.

(wolves growling) (suspenseful classical music) Maybe they know her, or else they would have killed her by now.

Remarkably, Snow White and Blackspot let her go.

(triumphant classical music) The pups are safe, this time.

(birds chirping) (wolves howling loudly)