Clip | Arctic Wolf Pack - Wolf Pups Nursed by Two Mothers

Snow White and Blackspot, two female arctic wolves, share a deep and meaningful bond. Blackspot cares for Snow White’s pups and even nurses them! Having two females nurse the same litter is exceedingly rare – it’s a behavior that’s never been filmed before.

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[Narrator] It's late June, and the pups are growing bigger and stronger.

They're starting to spend more and more of their day outside.

Blackspot barely leaves, and remains faithfully by their side.

And, she's even nursing the pups.

She could only do this if she'd had pups of her own, somewhere out on the tundra, before she joined the pack.

But where are her pups now?

And where is her mate?

It's clear that a deep and meaningful bond runs between Snow White and Blackspot.

Why else would they share life's special gift?

Whatever is in their past, something powerful compels Blackspot to care for Snow White's pups, and treat them as her own.

Having two females nurse the same litter is exceedingly rare.

It's a behavior that's never been filmed before.

It's no wonder the pups are thriving.

(soothing music) But this happy arrangement of the pups having two mothers will prove to be even more significant as the arctic Summer wears on.