Clip | Spy in the Wild | Episode 3 | Friendship - Chimp Makes Orphaned Genet Cat His Pet

‘Spy Bushbaby’, an animatronic camera, is helping document a unique event. A chimp has adopted an abandoned baby genet cat and is keeping it for a pet. He treats it gently, mindful not to hurt it.

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Elsewhere in the forest, Spy Bushbaby is helping document an equally unique event.

One of the older chimps is playing with a tiny kitten!

It's the offspring of a genet cat found abandoned in the forest.

He treats it gently, mindful not to hurt it.

Even a nip is tolerated.

The way he responds to the genet is quite remarkable.

Other chimps are intrigued.

And one shows an unwelcome interest.

This chimp is used to having his own way.

But without any feelings for the kitten, he's a bit too rough.

The owner shows real concern and intervenes to protect his vulnerable pet.

And takes it from harm's way.