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Dolphins Beach Themselves to Catch Fish


In South Carolina, a pod of bottlenose dolphins has taken teamwork to a whole new level. As a group, they corral entire shoals of fish onto the shore and then devour as many as they can. Stranding is a serious hazard for dolphins, but this pod has mastered the technique.


In South Carolina, bottlenose take teamwork to a whole new level.

The results are spectacular.

Fish explode onto the shore.

They just have to be plucked from the mud.

Spy dolphin moves in for a closer look.

He follows as the dolphins patrol the shallow creeks to find yet more fish shoals.

The technique requires close cooperation.

But one dolphin makes the final decision, selecting which mud bank to use.

Then, he leads the charge.

The fish leap and panic, right onto the shore.

The dolphins may hunt like this 15 times on each low tide.

These techniques are only known by a few local individuals and they have to be learned by younger members of the group.

Stranding is a serious hazard for dolphins.

But these have mastered the knack.


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