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Elephants and Hippos Play Hide and Seek


Usually, elephants and hippos stay out of each other’s way, but these elephants deliberately gate-crash this hippo’s lagoon party.


- [Narrator] And, as always, the new wet season brought salvation and new experiences.

(water bubbling) A surprise for the young hippo bull, elephants in his lagoon, such an intrusion drew a crowd.

And they weren't just after an innocent swim.

A yawn was supposed to be a threat, but was perceived as an invitation.

(elephant grunting) (water splashing) A game of hide ensued -- of gigantic proportions.

Usually, hippos and elephants stay out of each other's way.

(animals grunting) But the elephants deliberately, gate crashed the hippos' pool party.

The elephants teamed up to chase the hippos around.

But they were way out of their depth.

(animals grunting) (water splashing) How can a three ton giant vanish just like that?

For once, the hippos had the upper hand.

(hippo breathing heavily)


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