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Young Hippo Mourns Mother’s Death


After a mother hippo loses strength in her old age and dies, predators approach her body to take advantage of this feast. Her mourning calf makes a heartbreaking decision to leave his mother’s body behind to protect himself and escape fast-chasing lions.


- [Narrator] The youngster stood by, helplessly.

His mother had died.

He threatened the lions that surrounded her but was ignored.

Scavengers were circling.

There was nothing he could do.

(lion growls) He was frustrated and confused, not knowing where to go.

(footsteps pound) (hippo whines) (birds caw) Wandering around aimlessly, he hadn't noticed the trap he was walking into.

(footsteps pounding) (tense music builds) That was a close call.

(lion growls softly) He had no choice but to leave his mother.

(vulture squawks) Every opportunist, every predator, all made the most of this feast.

(lion growls) From the river, he became a spectator to nature's primal display.

The cycle of life played out right in front of him.

(hyenas squeal)


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