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Equus on Location


From Northern Siberia to the Arabian Desert, the filmmakers of Equus “Story of the Horse” traveled the globe to capture incredible footage of rare breeds. Go behind the scenes for a look at a few of these varied locations.


We're from Alberta - horse country.

But for this series, we hardly filmed at home.

Horses are everywhere!

Almost anywhere you find humans, you find horses.

So our little film crew traveled to some very remote places, like the coldest place people live.

This is Northern Siberia in the middle of winter.

'Hey yakelekenian!'

And these are Yakutian horses.

Happy at minus 50 Celsius, more than I can say for us.

'God, it's so cold.

It's so cold, but you know my horse is just fine.'

We also filmed on a sliver of sand in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

The horses of Sable Island.

The only truly wild horses on earth.

We're still asking ourselves, did we really have to come in January?

Horses thrive in the cold and the heat.

So, here we are in Arabia.

Arab horses are pretty special and riding them through the desert, well that's just the ultimate thrill!


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