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The Wild Horses That Beat Extinction


The Przewalski horse went extinct in the wild but was reintroduced at the Seer Horse Reserve in Gobi Desert, Mongolia. These horses have managed to make an impressive comeback and their success is due in large part to the social structure of their herd.


These wild horses can fight and run but according to Claudia that isn't really why they're still here. For them, survival is about working together, about social life. Perhaps that's why they accept Claudia almost like one of the herd.

Left to themselves, horses build a community and just like for us, it's the community that protects them.

'I try to help them have a more natural life. Horses do not need to be ridden, you know.

They don't need us. They are independent; happy to be independent.'

This amazing spectacle - truly wild horses living without humans - it's like a vision from the past with a message about horses today... It turns out, speed and power aren't so important as the quality they share with us - a social mind.


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