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These Arctic Horses Don’t Mind the Cold


Yakutian horses have evolved to be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures in the frigid Arctic. They’ve become smaller, with shorter legs, and have developed an ability to hibernate while standing.


'Keli, keli, kelian!'

The humans who live here use technology to survive - warm clothing, shelter.

But not horses.

They had to evolve.

Their bodies had to change.

In this intense cold, Yakutian horses have gotten smaller.

Their legs shorter.

The shape nature chose here isn't elegant, but it works.

During the long winter, they reduce their metabolism, yet they stay on their feet.

This unique behavior is called standing hibernation, and no other horses do it.

It's a textbook example of natural selection.

Without it, Yakuts may never have survived in this environment.

It's amazing.

An Arctic horse that made and Arctic people.

But really, shaping a special breed for a special place isn't uncommon at all.

Every horse culture creates its own horses.


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