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Female Puma Snubs Male


A kill requires an intense burst of energy and is taxing on the body. But stealing someone else’s kill comes with a high risk as well. But Cazadora stands her ground when a male puma comes back for his kill.


(growling) - [Narrator] A kill requires an intense burst of energy.

It's taxing on the body, but stealing someone else's kill comes with a high risk as well.

Scavenging a kill that belongs to someone else makes her very cautious.

(low growling) (chewing) For good reason.

When the owner comes down the hill behind her, he's clearly indignant.

He's another young male, not her regular stalker and dangerous for her.

And then something strange happens, a strategic body language that may just win her some time.

She simply ignores him.

When she turns her back on him and carries on feeding on his kill, she sends a signal that he's not important, not a threat, and his response is to be submissive and beg to share.

Casadora's snub has carried a lot of meaning.

(chewing) (growling) And then out of nowhere, she's had enough of his manners and sees him on.



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