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Mother Puma Teaches Daughter How to Hunt


Solitaria, a mother puma, is on the move to hunt prey with her cubs close by. One female cub, in particular, takes in her mother’s every move, which may give her an advantage one day when hunting on her own.


- [Narrator] Solitaria is on the move.

She's seen these winters before.

She knows how to turn it to her advantage.

The ground crunches underfoot.

If she flips a pebble, the game will be up.

Stalking is difficult.

So she sticks to the soft snow, picking her footsteps.

The explosion of a light, tawny cat from the dappled snowfield is the last thing the guanacos expect.

(roaring) It's confusing and lethal.

At least one cub is taking it all in, every moment of the life and death struggle because one day this lesson will make all the difference in her life.

It's time to name her, too.

A beautiful huntress, La Bella Cazadora, albeit in the first stages of learning.

Because of this closeness, Cazadora will grow just a little larger with each mouthful she forces down while the others play.

The rule of the valley is that those who get even the slightest edge, survive.

In a competitive family, the one that figures out the best spot to absorb free heat wins the day.

And it's usually Cazadora.


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