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Hippos Battle Lions and Hyenas Over Carcass


The scent of a decaying hippo attracts all sorts of predators to the hippo’s ground, where they must put up a fight to protect their own. The hippos prove that size does matter in the animal kingdom, as they fight off hyenas, lions and crocodiles.


- [Narrator] The stench of decay attracts lions.

The body of a hippo is a valuable prize in this dry land, and everyone knows it.

(intense music) Bull hippos are the only ones that stand their ground against lions.

And this bull wants them gone.

Two ton hippos are quite capable of killing a lion.

He drives the predator away from his old enemy.

(hyenas chattering) In the darkness, hyenas have pulled the body ashore.

And now, they're tucking in with teeth that can crack bones.

Nothing will be wasted.

(hyenas chatter) (crocodiles growling) The crocodiles certainly aren't giving up.

(hyenas chattering) (crocodile snapping) The fuss and the noise seems to agitate the hippos.

It's time for a lesson in defending your own.

And this youngster is learning fast.

(hippo growling) Out here, size does count.


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