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Meet the World’s Largest Rabbits


Annette Edwards breeds some of the world’s largest rabbits, including the world’s reigning giant Darius. When Darius is stretched out, he is over four feet long.


- This is Grace.

She's a Continental Giant.

And Grace is nine months old.

She'll grow quite a bit more.

They just grow at such a fast pace.

From six weeks they're sort of this big and they just get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

And they don't stop 'til they're 18 months old.

Come on then, darling.

Let's move you along.

Come on.

I'd like to think that it's a bit of an Alice in Wonderland.

I think that they're very special, they're different.

Very different.

They're a lovely creature.

Very gentle.

And these guys behave more like dogs than rabbits.

- [Narrator] Meet Darius, the longest rabbit in the world.

These rabbits of unusual size can take some getting used to.

- When they arrived, my family looked at them and said, have you gone completely mad?

And I said, no.

I said, I just think they're amazing.

They're so tremendous.

Come on, you go over there.

The continental giant is the biggest rabbit you can ever get.

There are continental giants that aren't so big, it's just ours seem to be enormous.

- [Narrator] And Annette's rabbits are world champions.

They've held the Guinness world record four times.

And Darius is still the world's reigning giant.

- Darius is over four foot when you stretch him out.

I don't know what it is.

Whether it's because they're brought up in a very laid back atmosphere.

And I think that's why they just keep getting so big.

In here is some press.

This one, Roberto, one of our giants.

35 pounds, so there he is with me.

That's probably your best picture, isn't it?

People come from all over the world to see these guys.

And we sell babies all over the world.

Although there's a waiting list.

Each rabbit, all ours have got very different personalities.

Some like more fuss than others.


Come on, boy.

Stop that.

Just stop it, you're too old.

Darius, even though he's an old man now and can be a bit grumpy, he still likes his lady friends.

(laughing) So he hasn't lost his sparkle.

He likes his romance.

Leave her alone.

You've been a naughty old man.

(chiming music)


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