Clip | Naledi: One Little Elephant - How Not to Feed a Baby Elephant

Naledi, an orphaned baby elephant, has barely eaten anything since her mother passed away. Caregivers at Abu Camp in Botswana go through the frustrating process of getting her to feed from a bottle–sometimes with hilarious results.

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Mike: Here you go, Wellie.

Just feed it to her.

Right temperature?

Wellie: Much better, thank you.

Mike: Hi girl, hi!

Wellie: Please don''t let me down!

Wellie: We have to be like their mothers.

We have to be with her 24/7.

You know that''s how she''ll end up accepting you as her mother.

Cause she knows that you are the provider.

Mike: You know, we've just got to take it one step at a time.

Bob: That gets her trunk up.

Mike: Come here.

Mike: Okay, alright.

Mike: Alright, shh, shh.

Wellie: Come.

Come, Naledi.

Tell me, what''s wrong with you?

You want to suck my finger?

Oh no, my ear Wellie: I can''t get inside her heart or inside her mind and tell exactly what she''s going through.

Wellie: What they need is the love.

Feel good?