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Web Resources: Conservation, Sanctuaries & Advocacy

Learn more about caring for parrots, parrot rescue and ongoing conservation efforts in the wild.


The ARA Project
Fly Free (rescues & releases parrots caught in the wild-bird trade)
World Parrot Trust
Foster Parrots, Project Guyana
Project Bird Watch/ Indonesian Parrot Project
Tambopata Macaw Project, Peru
More Beautiful Wild
Lafeber Conservation & Wildlife
Wild Bird Trust

Foster Parrots
Project Perry Parrot Sanctuary
The Oasis
Midwest Avian & Adoption Rescue Services
Parrots R 4 Ever Avian Rescue & Sanctuary
Feathered Friends of Michigan
Avian Welfare Coalition
10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Bird
The True Nature of Parrots
HSUS – Five Ways to Help Parrots

Born Free USA
Association of Avian Vets
National Bird Day
Avian Welfare Coalition – Laws
Avian Welfare Coalition – Ways You Can Help
ASPCA Report Animal Cruelty
Current Law and Suggested Approaches to Improving Captive Bird Welfare
“Parrot Breeding and Keeping: The Impact of Capture and Captivity” by Bradshaw and Engebretson
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)
USDA Regulations
Project Vote Smart