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King Penguins Tiptoe Around Elephant Seals


In South Georgia, a spy King penguin watches on as penguin parents, home from hunting, must tiptoe their way through a barrier of 6,000 elephant seals in order to feed their chicks.


- [Narrator] As peace returns, it's the opportunity they need.

(wind whistling) (gentle music) Safest to go on tiptoe.

(penguins murmuring) (playful music) So far, so good.

Maybe not so good.

(seal groaning) (dramatic music) (seal growling) It's now or never.

(dramatic music) (seal grunting) He's cleared the way.

It's the break they need.

But that was the easy part.

(machine whirring) Somehow, they must find their own chick among all the identical versions.

(chicks squawking) A seemingly impossible task.

(chicks chirping) Especially as their chicks have changed over the last four months.

But they have a solution.

(penguin chittering) Call, and hope their chick answers back.

(chick chirping) Each parent's call is unique.

Once identified, the chick can't contain his excitement.

(inspirational music) (chick whistling) After so long apart, it's a moment worth celebrating.

Food, at last.


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