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Puffins Reunite with Their Lifelong Mates


Spy puffin is surrounded by males waiting for their long-lost partner to return. Puffins breed for life but only spend time together in the breeding season, so it can be difficult to identify their mate again.


- [Narrator] The male waits by his old nest burrow, hidden beneath the snow.

(birds squawking) This is where his partner will return, could this be her?

Or maybe her?

Or even her?

There's only one way to find out, they bob and head rub.

She's definitely the one, but a male who's young and single is out to try his luck.

He'll happily muscle in on a devoted couple, but no male gives up the love of his life without a fight.

(tense music) Despite her commitment, a strong male might turn her head.

Her partner must prove he's still worthy.

The love rival loses, her mate has proved he's still a good catch.


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