Pets: Wild at Heart | Episode 2 | Secretive Creatures - Your Pet’s Wildest Pose — Share Your Photos!

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The NATURE mini-series "Pets: Wild at Heart" shows how our pets' innate abilities and behaviors are rooted in their wild ancestry. Does your normally loving and well-behaved pet sometimes remind you of a wild animal? Submit your photo of your pet in their wildest pose! A few select submissions will be shared with NATURE's 250,000+ Facebook fans.

Michael Grimes


"Levi for 2pm!"

Jennifer Lavin


I call this picture "Max of the Baskervilles." You wouldn't believe that this is the same gentle and happy dog that loves to visit the neighborhood kids at the ...

Scott Trombetta


Maya the Siberian Husky waits patiently after treeing her first squirrel

Julian Brown

Saint Joseph, MO, United States

Twin creatively waking me when I'm nodding off.

joan napolitao

east patchogue ny

Hyacinth macaw Bentley making like a hat at the Long Island Parrot society outreach.

Jill Cunningham


Sir Cluckalot is a pet with his own quirky "personality." He is an Old English Game rooster, and this breed is closer than most chicken breeds to their wild ancestors, ...

Leslie Meadows

Conroe, TX, United States

This is Butters just one of my TNR babies,the rest of the crew are just too cute.I have 17 catz now.I don't generally adapt them because I don't trust people,I'm ...

Robert Burmaster


James the dog goes wild whenever we make popcorn.

Nikki Garmon

Cheyenne, WY, United States

Lucy enjoying some fresh mountain air at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Jan Opella

Bastrop, TX, United States

This is Junior, at the dog park he becomes "Flying Junior".

Jan Opella

Bastrop, TX, United States

We have a pack of dogs who meet everyday at the dog park. This is Trefa Pes giving Sophie a scare.

Eileen Paredes

Vallejo, CA, United States

My dog loves beaches and he loves chasing tennis balls, so when we visited San Diego we had to take him to Ocean Beach for some fun time. Believe it ...

Mimi Champlin


Barnie is like a feline basketball player...he stands as tall as my hip when on his back feet. He needs a LOT of room to sleep!!!

Rain Robertson

Boston, MA, United States

Tony demonstrating "ferocious panther in the wild." But we know he's just yawning in the garden.

Suzie Roderick

Holly Springs

This is Bob. He thinks he is a wild cat.