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Pika Builds Nest to Survive Long Harsh Winter


The pika, a close relative of the rabbit, lives in some of the harshest environments on earth, including the Himalayas and Ural Mountains of Russia. In order to survive the long cold winter, it builds an edible nest of plant material, which serves as it’s food store, as well as a cozy home.


- [Narrator] This little guy is an American Pika.

Although he looks like a rodent, he's actually the smallest cousin of the rabbit.

Don't be fooled by his cuddly appearance.

Pikas are built for the cold.

And they live in some of the harshest places on Earth.

From the Ural Mountains of Russia, to the Himalayas.

Right now, it's spring, and like the rest of the Pikas in this rocky slope, he's hard at work.

Pikas don't hibernate, and that means they'll need to gather and store enough food for the long, cold winter ahead.

This Pika will make up to 100 trips in a single day.

Provided their all no more than 60 feet from home.

And for good reason.

For the little Pika, danger is everywhere.

When you're the size of a potato, (Pika screeching) you're on the menu for a lot of predators here.

(Pika screeching) At first sight of the coyote, the little Pika calls to warn the others.

(Pika screeching) (grass rustling) But as soon as the coast is clear, he's back to work.

(grass rustling) By mid-summer, the Pikas hay piles have reached enormous proportions.

So big, they dwarf the little Pika itself.


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