Ravens - Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

American Society of Crows and Ravens (A.S.C.A.R.)
The American Society of Crows and Ravens Web site offers a general overview of raven behavior and diet, a list of crow-related links, and an informative FAQ page.

Salon.com Audio: “The Raven”
Streaming audio of actor Basil Rathbone reading Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven.”

General Crow/Raven Info.
Information on raven and crow classification, diet, vocalizations, and courtship rituals.

Common Raven
In addition to general facts about ravens, this site features audio of raven calls.

A Glimpse into the World of Ravens
Raven information from About.com.

Raven in Mythology
Article focusing on the raven’s place in mythology.

Lloyd and Rose Buck – Bird Specialists
Rose Buck is featured in RAVENS as an owner and trainer of ravens and other birds.


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