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Infographic: What’s on the Snow Monkey Menu

Designer: Karen Brazell.

Designer: Karen Brazell

Japanese Macaques that inhabit Jigokudani or “Hell Valley” must stick to together and adapt to harsh weather to survive and thrive. When they’re not soaking in hot springs during chilly months, snow monkeys can often be found foraging to sustain a rather diverse, omnivorous diet – a diet that shifts depending on the season. Depending on location, snow monkeys will generally eat more fruit in the summer and more herbs in the winter. Snow monkeys will also eat insects and soil. Building up fat reserves during the summer months also helps snow monkeys survive the winter when nutritious food is scarce. Snow monkeys also may consume raw fish if other food is not available. (Research credits include the Wisconsin Primate Research Center (WPRC) Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)




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