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Watch as an Orphaned Wombat Receives Care


It is unusual to find a young wombat without its mother. However, this baby wombat has been found alone as a result of the devastating wildfires raging in Australia.


- I'm here with Morgan from the Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

And Morgan has found one of my favorite Australian native animals, which is a baby wombat.

Where did you find the wombat?

- So I received this wombat off a member of public, just a few hours ago who found it on Bendalong Road in one of our really badly burnt out bush areas.

And it's very unusual that they would find a wombat this size on its own.

(relaxing chime music) - Same too.

Dehydrated though.

- The mother has left the joey in the burrow, and she's gone out for a feed, got burned come back to the burrow and she's died because she actually smells very strongly of-- - Dead mother. - Yeah.

- Ticks.

- There is definitely something wrong with her.

She's not acting like a normal wombat should, a healthy wombat should.

Though, I can't see any burns on her, which is why I do believe that she's been safely in the burrow while the fires hit.

She'll be in care for at least a year, maybe 18 months up to two years.

These guys, being a female she would be about 20 kilos before she could be released and hold her own in the world.

- But she'll most likely be okay.

- I think so, I hope so, yeah.

I think she's got a good chance.


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