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Cats or Dogs? Our Twitter Followers Weigh In

We asked our Twitter followers to weigh in on a very important question: Cats or dogs – and why? Here’s what they had to say. Join the conversation.

* samblak: Dogs. mostly because Cats suck. – getting straight to the point

* lillypuddig: cat of course!! they are independent creatures that train you you dont train them…they are a joy to get to know

* YosemiteSteve: Cats are lower maintainence, more diverse personality types, less inbred.

* wyldkyss: Dogs! Dogs are always happy to see me, cats often don’t care what the human is up to unless it involves food or annoying you.

* thancrus: it’s entirely dependent on the person. Cats r more independent & dogs generally r more dependent. Go with what fits

* Princess_Mo: i’m partial to both cats and dogs, but my family are dog people so i’m representing the cat people. :)

* creativedc: well, duh – DOGS!

* sm_carter: Dogs! W/ science & history making the strong case that the dog is the only animal to domesticate itself case closed

* futuristicplans: Cats. Because if I don’t say cats, my cat will make me pay dearly.

* lortz: depends on your personality and lifestyle. i have a cat.

* heatherleanne: When Timmy was stuck down a well, did Whiskers the cat get help? No. It was Lassie, son. Recognize.

* ABrandNewWorld: Cats a very low maintenance. Just rub their bellies and feed them. They’re my fav.

* cunningpike: Cats. Not only are hey are easier to look after in practical terms but unlike dogs their affection is a conscious act

* Tripawds: Why of course I’m partial to dogs being a better pet, especially if they’re a Tripawd!

* grandciel: I love both. A cat and dog “own” me, but at least the cat doesn’t eat its own poop.

* BadPitBull: cats are so much easy but dogs are so loyal there is only one option. Have both.

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