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The Sneaky Way Orcas Hunt Seals


Seal-hunting orcas know exactly how to exploit time and tide. Like Viking raiders, they are ruthless, well organized and fiercely intelligent.


The exposed skerries may offer sanctuary for now, but as the rising tide covers the rocks, the seals will have to enter the water and the orcas know it!

Beneath the surface all aural communication ceases and the orca pod switches to hunting mode total silence.

Any seal in open water is now in peril for its life!

If they can hide in the kelp forest they may escape detection But like Viking raiders, the orca are ruthless, well organized and fiercely intelligent.

Two members of the pod use tail slaps to flush out hiding seals while another pair follow silently behind.

They sight a target . And split up to cut off any escape routes.

The seal makes a dash for open water straight towards the rest of the pod.

The seal must surface and the circling orca are ready and waiting.


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