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5 Infamous Buried Treasures Still Up For Grabs


Graphic rendering of Dutch Schultz’s steel box and its contents. Credit: Yap Films Inc.

Attention, treasure hunters!

Dutch Schultz’s buried fortune isn’t the only hidden treasure still up for grabs. From a missing burlap sack worth $300 million in Virginia to lost Civil War gold in Pennsylvania, here are more buried treasures on the East Coast that have yet to be claimed.

Maine: A pirate’s treasure worth millions 

There’s a small town in Maine that could be the home of a pirate’s buried treasure worth millions of dollars in valuables. It’s believed to have belonged to pirate Samuel Bellamy, who was resting up in the area before making another pirate run when he was captured and hanged in Massachusetts for his crimes. Bellamy never made his way back to the treasure he left in Maine.

Want to learn more? Historians believe the valuables are buried somewhere between Renshaw Point and Old Rim Bridge in Machias Port, Maine. 

Photo courtesy of National Library of Denmark

New York: Nazi loot hidden in the Catskills 

If you’re off hunting for Dutch Schultz’s treasure in the Catskills, it might be wise to check out the town of Liberty, New York as well but you won’t need a shovel for this treasure, just your wit. In 1942, German immigrant and aviation aficionado Otto Hillig’s plane was hijacked by two Nazi spies, but ended in a mid-air struggle leaving the German soldiers dead. Hillig then stole the money they had but didn’t want to keep it, so he hid it and left a set of clues for others to find the money via his trusted assistant. The money still hasn’t been found. 

Want to learn more? Here are the clues that were left by Hillig’s assistant to find the hidden coin. 

New Jersey: Head south for a chance to find a pirate’s buried treasure

Pirate Captain William Kidd is believed to have left a few buried treasure chests near Cape May Point in southern New Jersey. According to the Cape May County website, a captain once claimed he saw a few men head ashore near North Wildwood and return to their ship with a treasure chest, believed to be one of many Kidd hid in the area.  

Want to learn more? Your journey can start here where a few locations have been narrowed down

Photo courtesy of Pexels’ David Bartus

Pennsylvania: Lost Civil War gold 

Historical documents, the Union army was moving gold bars to Virginia to pay soldiers but along the way, the gold was lost. According to a piece from the New York Times, there were 52 bars (originally thought to be 26), “with each 14-carat bar weighing 50 pounds, making the trove potentially worth millions of dollars.” In 2018, the FBI received permission to do some digging in an unnamed area but according to reports, nothing was found.

Want to learn more? Check out this from the New York Times on the rumors of this lost trove that’s recently given hope to locals in Pennsylvania.

Photo courtesy of Legends of America

Virginia: A burlap sack worth $300 million 

Confederate ranger Colonel John Singleton Mosby and his band of guerrilla raiders “surprised more than 40 Union troops at the Fairfax Courthouse and overcame them without firing a shot,” according to Mosby snuck off with a burlap sack filled with gold, silver, jewelry and more, all said to be worth more than $350,000 at the time. Even though Mosby told his men to bury the sack of treasure in the woods, when he sent them back to retrieve it, they were captured. Mosby never went back to retrieve the treasure and didn’t tell anyone else the exact location of the burlap sack buried somewhere in the woods of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Want to learn more? Here’s more information on Mosby’s secret treasure