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The Oldest Maya Structure, London’s Earliest Theater, and more Unearthed Secrets for June


A roundup of Secrets in the News for June 2020.

Oldest and largest Maya structure on record discovered in southern Mexico

Live Science: The oldest and largest Maya monumental structure on record has just been discovered after scientists shot millions of lasers from a plane to map an area in southern Mexico… [read more]


Possible viking grave uncovered in Norway

Archaeology Magazine: According to a report in The Local, a couple installing insulation under the floor of their home in northern Norway discovered a dark blue glass bead and a Viking ax dated to between A.D. 950 and 1050. “We first thought it was the wheel of a toy car,” said homeowner Mariann Kristiansen, whose grandfather built the house in 1914. She immediately reported the find to local authorities. Archaeologist Martinus Hauglid of the Nordland county government visited the site and thinks the house may have… [read more]


Nazi diary reveals secret location of WWII treasure under a palace in Poland

Live Science: The diary listed 11 sites where Nazis concealed looted gold, jewels, priceless paintings and religious objects. One location that it names is an abandoned well that extends nearly 200 feet (60 meters) underground, beneath the 16th-century Hochberg Palace in the village of Roztoka, in southwestern Poland. The gold at the bottom of the well is thought to have come from the Reichsbank in the Polish town of Breslau (now Wrocław) and is estimated to be worth billions of euros, TFN reported on May 26… [read more]


Archaeologists ‘find London’s earliest theatre’

BBC News: Little is known about the Red Lion, with contemporary details limited to two lawsuits in 1567 and 1569 that mentioned “the red lyon” and “a farme house”, which had an outdoor stage and seating. In January 2019, archaeologists began to uncover a rectangular timber structure made up of 144 surviving timbers, with postholes around it, which could have been “scaffolds” or galleried seating… [read more]


Oldest cousin of Native Americans found in Russia

Science Magazine: A new study has revealed the oldest link yet between Native Americans and their ancestors in East Asia: a 14,000-year-old tooth belonging to a close cousin of today’s Native Americans, found thousands of kilometers from the landmass that once connected Eurasia and the Americas… [read more]