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Archaeology Dogs, ‘Screaming Mummy’ and more Unearthed Secrets for July


A roundup of Secrets in the News for July 2020.

The Dogs That Sniff Out 5,000-Year-Old Bones

Ice age mining camp found ‘frozen in time’ in underwater Mexican cave

Live Science: At the end of the last ice age, Indigenous miners in what is now the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico risked life and limb — venturing into pitch dark caves illuminated only by fire — to extract a prized mineral, a new study finds… [read more]

‘Screaming Mummy’ Heart Attack Study Questioned by Scientists

Gizmodo: Her unsettling, seemingly agonized facial expression gave this ancient Egyptian mummy the nickname “screaming woman.” A new analysis claims that this shocking pose is actually related to the woman’s cause of death, an apparent heart attack. But other scientists are skeptical, saying the open-mouthed scream likely only appeared well after the woman’s demise… [read more]

Newly Excavated Viking Dwelling May Be Oldest Found in Iceland

Smithsonian: Excavations in east Iceland have revealed what may be an ancient Viking hunting camp that predates the traditionally accepted arrival of the region’s first settlers by more than 70 years… [read more]

400-million-year-old fish reveals new clues to how humans got teeth

Inverse: The story of how vertebrates got their teeth is much older than researchers realized, new findings show. In a paper published Thursday in the journal Science, scientists examined the teeth of three different ancient armored fish genera, dating back to the Devonian period… [read more]