Secrets in the News: October 2019

A roundup of Secrets in the News for October 2019. Read more below for Viking swords, ancient Swiss monuments, lasers, and more.

Hundreds Of Viking Sword Fragments Discovered In Estonia

Forbes reports: In two locations near Estonia’s northern coast, archaeologists uncovered fragments of about 100 swords that date back to the Viking Age. The two sites–located just 80 meters apart–were close to the Estonian capital Tallinn… [Read more]



Swiss Archaeologists Discover 5,500 Year Old Submerged Monument

Ancient Origins reports: Ancient stone alignments and cairns have been discovered in Switzerland’s Lake Constance and researchers say they are 5,500 years old… [Read more]



Ancient Greek Scroll’s Hidden Contents Revealed Through Infrared Imaging

NPR reports: More than 200 years ago, scholars glued the remains of an ancient papyrus scroll onto cardboard to preserve it. But the scroll, a history of Plato’s Academy, also had writing on the back. Now scholars have deployed imaging technology to read what’s been concealed… [Read more]



Laser-Scanning Tech Uncovers Huge Network of Ancient Mayan Farms

NBC News reports: Deep within a rainforest in Belize, scientists using lasers beamed from an airplane to peer beneath the dense foliage have discovered evidence of a vast network of ancient Maya farms that date back thousands of years… [Read more] [Watch]



Oxford Professor Is Accused of Selling Ancient Texts to Hobby Lobby

New York Times World reports:  An Oxford University professor has been accused of selling ancient Bible fragments to a controversial US company that has been involved in several high-profile scandals related to its aggressive purchases of biblical artifacts… [Read more]


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